Founder's Message

Mr. Nirav K. Thakkar

Mr. Nirav, the founder of Shravan Seva Foundation. He emphasizes pureness, faith, unconditional love, and selfless devotion to others.
The Shravan Seva only strives to make a big difference in the lives of the elderly, who are lonely because they wander the streets and become helpless. So far, 15 elderly individuals have been successfully relocated with the assistance of various non-governmental organizations.
When the city has an excess of public service providers on one side, we just wish to bring light into the life of the elderly. By joining us, you may make a tiny beneficial impact in the lives of the vulnerable elderly. 
Join us today to take advantage of the service.

About Us

Shravan Seva Foundation is a non-profit organization. Every day, we provide lunch to the homeless and poor roadside residents, many of whom are elderly and therefore unable to work to survive.

Every day, we give home-based complete Lunch, which comprises Roti, Sabji, Dal, Rice, Farsan, Salad, Water, Sweet and many more dishes. We also guarantee that the food will be of the indifferent variety and of high quality on a daily basis.

Our donors join us in celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries, and death anniversaries by donating food. We desire that no one in our country goes to sleep hungry. We would also like to establish the largest ashram for these rode side poor elderly. We only want to help make our vision a reality.
Shravan Seva was founded to construct Central Gujarat’s largest ashram for the elderly and needy. Shravan Seva Ashram will give free medical care and food to the elderly. The old is, therefore, the family’s beauty, yet they are eventually abandoned.
The senior is, therefore, an asset to the family, yet they are eventually abandoned. His children had left him. The aged will subsequently be assigned a permanent address at the Shravan Seva Ashram, which we established. Not only that but every effort will be taken to ensure that the elderly may live up to their twilight years with dignity.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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